Job Details

Regional Restorative Nursing Supervisor (LVN)

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: Heritage House of Keller - Keller, TX

Job Description:



  1. Reports to the Regional Director of Rehab with a dotted line to the facility DON


  1. Current licensure as a RN or LVN in the state of current practice.
  2. Must be willing to travel to multiple facility locations including rural areas.


  1. Ensure appropriate referrals are made to Skilled Therapy
  2. Ensure appropriate referrals to the Transitions of Care Restorative Nursing Program are addressed as indicated
  3. Oversee 5+ SNF RNPs to ensure appropriate referrals are made to Continuity of Care Program
  4. Manage and coordinate Restorative Nursing Program(s) in multiple locations over a wide geographical location:
    1. Coordinate with Interdisciplinary Team(s) to ensure that appropriate plan of care based on patient’s need(s) are developed and follow up on as indicated
    2. Ensure all RNPs are signed by RN prior to implementation
    3. Inform DOR/DON or designee of any changes in patient status
    4. Ensure RNA(s) Implement Transitions of Care Programs and subsequent Continuity of Care Programs after development by RN
    5. Ensure Restorative Nurse Assistant(s) complete daily and  weekly progress note documentation in Care Tracker
    6. Complete monthly summaries & all required documentation in Care Tracker for all TOC RNP patients in centers assigned
    7. Attend Weekly Skilled Care Management Meeting to ensure appropriate RNA interactions and follow up occur
    8. Responsible for all training related to Transitions of Care Restorative Program/subsequent Continuity of Care Program, including documentation of all CNA return-demonstration education and training
    9. Initiate/Update program changes in Care Tracker as needed
    10. Participate in Care Plan Meeting and provide input for Restorative Nursing/Continuity of Care programs
    11. Provide oversight of training between Transitions of Care Team and Continuity of Care  nursing staff to ensure specific care needs (Walk-to-Dine, Toileting, Restorative Dining, Splints/Braces, etc.) are met and CNAs are  trained
    12. Update RNP/COC section of the RNA assignment sheet in Care Tracker
    13. Review caseload minutes/staffing schedule to ensure adequate time on premises to perform assigned programs is allotted and adjusted as indicated
    14. Ensure TOC Staff Complete annual Restorative Nurse Training (Relias) Modules a required
    15. Ensure TOC Staff Complete Annual Restorative Nurse Skills Check List per DOR/Therapy Designee and/or provide the actual training for RNAs as indicated

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