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Patient-Driven Payment Model is a replacement of the current SNF PPS RUG-IV system. PDPM uses a completely different way to calculate payments, shifting the focus of payment from the volume of patient services received to a payment system designed to take into consideration the needs and goals of the whole person. The goal of PDPM is to recognize the individual needs and characteristics of each patient. As PDPM approaches, it is important to seek education and information about the new payment model and how it will impact therapy services. This page is designed to provide education and training in preparation for the implementation of PDPM.


PDPM Webinar GoToStage Channel

Rehab Synergies’ PDPM GoToStage channel features recordings of our live and interactive PDPM webinars. To watch the webinars please visit our GoToStage channel (or copy and paste the URL below in your browser). 



Webinar Videos

Rehab Synergies hosted monthly PDPM webinars to better prepare staff for the rollout of PDPM on October 1st 2019. To watch previous webinars please visit our GoToStage channel.

Below are the monthly PDPM topics:

  • January – PDPM & You: Industry Updates
  • February – Understanding Section GG
  • March – Incorporating Group Therapy into Plans of Care
  • April – GG, Optima and Outcomes
  • May – PDPM: The Importance of ICD-10 Selection
  • June – The Development of Functional Maintenance Programs
  • July – Determining Clinically Anticipated Stays
  • August – Preparing for PDPM
  • September – RUGs to PDPM Payment


Facebook Group for SLPs

Social media can be a great tool for clinicians to connect and find resources for PDPM. Melissa Collier, our Director of Compliance, hosts a Facebook group for SLPs, where they can ask questions, collaborate and find answers to the new Part A SNF payment model, PDPM. To join the group, please visit PDPM Resources for SLPs.