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Not only does Rehab Synergies provide exceptional Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy services to patients every day, we partner with our customers to meet their regulatory and financial objectives as well as offer extraordinary clinical training and support to our Team Members. Please see below for examples of how we provide positive outcomes by helping our Patients reach their highest level of functional independence., serve as a Care Partner with our customers and provide a unique employment experience for our Team Members.

Rehab Synergies Testimonials

“Rehab Synergies is a great company and place to work” 

Kelly Barron, DOR

“I am really sad to leave Rehab Synergies! It has been the best job and I will never forget the day I met Carmen Vitton (COO) in McAllen almost 9 years ago and the way she treated the patients and fought for the things they needed! It inspired me then and has every visit I have had with her over the years.

Former Regional Director

The regionals and teams have always been so welcoming and made me feel apart of the group. Rehab Synergies is certainly setting the standard for how the rest of the industry should be in all aspects of care.

John Kinser, OT CDP

Our programs and equipment contribute to our Average Length of Stay averaging around 15 days (best in the area) and the family training & education as well as home saftey were key highlights for our therapy department as well

Humana Insurance Liaison (during a facility visit)

My stay here at El Paso Health and Rehab changed my life forever, I couldn't have asked for better therapistshttps://youtu.be/T86RxYTcMuM

Stacie Pepin, Patient at El Paso Health & Rehab

“I wish I had adequate amount of time to really list in detail the amount of professionalism that Lindsey Roberts, ST Clinical Liaison displays every time she steps foot in our building.  She is an absolute asset! I would highly recommend her for any speech needs/education/advocate.  Thank you for the facilitation of her scheduling and thank you Lindsey, your time is greatly appreciated!”

Rebecka Macon, Director of Nursing Services, Brady West Rehab & Nursing

I wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed using your company’s therapy.  They were the best that we have had! If you ever need a professional reference, be sure and use me.

Bobbie Nichols, Vice President/COO KB Enterprises, Inc. Dublin, TX 

Please know that it has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with you and your team over the past several years. It is obvious that Rehab Synergies is an organization that is completely devoted to optimal clinical care, and in my opinion, you all represent the very best of the long-term care industry. I wish you the very best moving forward!

Jeff Paddock, PT, MBA, CSCS, CEEAA, Regional Consultant of Clinical Services, Accelerated Care Plus

State Surveyors approached our SLP and myself inquiring about our Dementia Program and our in-service log. The State Surveyor stated to our CMM and Administrator that she was impressed with Therapy’s involvement and that it was the best the Dementia Program she had ever seen; she said it was well put together and that we had a good  turn out with staff attending the in-services. She commented that our Speech Pathologist was knowledgeable and DOR was attentive. She exited with kudos to River Oaks Care Center.

Misty Martin, Director of Rehab, Wichita Falls, TX

Rehab Synergies gives you all the resources you need to be successful.  They don’t just hope you will be successful.They expect you to be successful.  

Steve Smith, OTR, Greenville Health and Rehab

Rehab Synergies is a super organization and you ladies are cutting edge! It's been my pleasure!

Mary Camposano, SLP, El Paso, TX

I enjoy and appreciate all of the monthly programs and guidance from Carmen. I think as far as resources and support, Rehab Synergies is amazing. The Regional Director is a good resource and is always available. Our staff therapists are wonderful, knowledgeable, caring and helpful. We always receive compliments from staff and families on them.  

Kristee Thomas, LNFA, Palo Pinto Nursing & Rehab

I am having a wonderful time learning and growing with our Region and Company as a whole. I feel blessed to be in the position I have and to be given so many wonderful opportunities. 

Maurice Caceres, M.S.CCC-SLP, CAEd., McAllen Nursing Center

My kudos: The Rehab Director was simply phenomenal! The care she provided to patients along with her smiling face was welcomed by not just me but by the Residents and Families as well; several approached me to express their appreciation for her. 

Emerald Toliver, Regional Business Development Consultant, Advanced Healthcare Solutions, LLC.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful and enlightening presentation at our Chamber of Commerce luncheon. It is always a pleasure having Rehab Synergies participate in our events and we look forward to our partnership in the future.

Alvester Gibson, Jr., President, Balch Springs Chamber of Commerce

I must thank Mike, Linda and Brady West Rehab for my fast progress in recuperation from back surgery. Each person who helped in my recovery means so much to me.  There is one young Therapist, Renee, who helped me overcome my fears and helped me prepare emotionally to return home due to her extreme kindness and concern.  Brady West helped me to meet my goal to go home. 

Joy Taylor, Recovered Patient, Brady, TX

All,Just wanted to give you some feedback from our Therapy appreciation and IN2L meet and greet today.   Of the folks attending the most important was the Case Manager and Neuropsychologist,  Dr .Buchanan from the 7th ARU floor at Hunt Regional.  Rita is the CM and has always favored Briarcliff as she worked there for several years before she went to the hospital.   This was her first time in GHR since the open house for the new addition in early 2014.   Kudos to Mariah for getting her into the facility!!  Many of us have tried over the past year.The presentation could not have been better.  Both Rita and  Dr. Buchanan were front and center actually playing on the IN2L.   Our therapy staff did an incredible job profiling the equipment.  Kudos to Megan, Christy and Steve for being the leads in the presentation!!  Dr. Winn,  our PMR physician was also here to support us and our Therapy team.Great event and Susan you would be proud of Mariah because she closed by asking for the businessJ AND Rita said she would definitely be sending more business to us. It has also started a new relationship with the Dr. Buchanan who was fascinated by the benefits of the IN2L for those residents with Dementia.On behalf of Greenville I want to say Thank you to Carmen for all your support and efforts to help us be successful. It has not gone unnoticed.  Kenny Owings-Administrator, Greenville Health & Rehab