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Our History

Serving Patients Since 2010

Key Dates & Founding Story

In 2010, Rehab Synergies was founded and strategically aligned to provide services for Advanced Healthcare Solutions’ portfolio of 35 residential and transitional healthcare facilities in Texas. Carmen Vitton joined the Company as Chief Operating Officer in October of 2010, created the Company Logo/Website/Operating Manuals, etc. from ground zero and has grown Rehab Synergies to employ over 500 Full-time, Part-time and PRN. Senior Regional Director Jennifer Maya has been with us since the company’s inception. Our portfolio grew in 2012 when Advanced Healthcare Solutions purchased an additional 11 Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Strategic Growth

In order to offer an enhanced array of clinical and demographic opportunities to our Team Members, Rehab Synergies began to acquire external contracts in 2012 primarily in similar geographic markets. McAllen Nursing Center became the first location to offer Outpatient Therapy Services in 2010 to members of the community and to our patients who were successfully discharged to return home. By 4th Quarter 2015, Rehab Synergies offered Outpatient Therapy Services to 30 Communities in which the Company provides services.

Expansion Details

The need for continuity across various levels of care fostered an entry into the Home Health Care arena for Rehab Synergies. Beginning with the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area in 2014 in Care-Partnership with Morning Star and Faith & Family. Rehab Synergies then expanded to rural markets to include the Greenville, Bowie and Vernon markets. Home Health Care-Partners include Specialty Nurses and Angels Care. In October 2015, Rehab Synergies further expanded to offer home health therapy services with partnering home health agencies. 

Clinical Expansion

Rehab Synergies has expanded its Outpatient Therapy Service offerings to include programs such as Biodex Balance & iBalance Fall-Risk Prevention, Tollos Unweighting Systems, LSVT-BIG & LOUD Treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease, Lymphedema Management Services and treatment of deficits such as Dysphagia, using AMPCare’s Effective Swallowing Protocol, for Spanish-Speaking patients at all facilities. Rehab Synergies is able to offer programming for patients managing Dementia/Alzheimer’s by our Certified Dementia Practioners.

 New Centers Feature:

  • Dynavision to remediate visual, cognitive, & motor skill deficits
  • Swallow Solutions to improve lingual strengthen and decrease risk of aspiration and need for re-hospitalizations.
  • Car Transfer Simulator for our Safe Car Transferring Program
  • HUR Pulley Crossover Station for strengthening, functionality and stability exercises
  • iBalance Plus for independent balance training and fall risk assessment
  • NuStep Leg Stabilizer for lower body deficiencies support and training
  • Rickshaw Exerciser designed for wheelchair users to strengthen the arm and shoulder muscles needed for propulsion, transfer, and pressure relief
  • Powermatic Work Table
  • Exterior Mobility Courtyard