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We invite you to learn more about our culture of caring and understanding. Our Organizational Team is structured to support therapists working in the field to achieve our ultimate common goal: To achieve the patient’s highest level of functional independence. Through the provision of education, our commitment to training and support, we enable our therapists to be successful in the utilization of modalities, the latest technology and equipment along with programs to enhance our therapy services to a level far beyond “just OT, PT and Speech.”

Every Rehab Synergies Therapy Team is supported by a facility-level Director of Rehabilitation Services working in conjunction with their Administrator, Director of Nursing along with their Regional Director of Rehabilitation to attain a harmonious therapeutic environment focused on a “Patient-Centered” approach. A team of Clinical Liaisons with decades of experience are available to mentor team members who are new to the profession or to our setting to foster development of discipline-specific programs. We offer employees a comprehensive selection of benefits as part of our commitment toward creating a workplace where Team Member satisfaction is a priority.


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